If you've ever had a portfolio review with me you know how much I stress documenting your process - whether it be an sketchbook or photos of getting your hands dirty, everyone loves to know how you wound up at an idea or design. If you are still looking for an internship/job know that companies see a dozen+ portfolios a day. They are no longer looking for people that can only design but people who show how they think, where they failed, what they learned and how they applied everything they learned to the final project. My team at Target handles a lot of really cool things - from forecasting trends and designing for the next season, designing for the olympics, and working on Limited Time Offers, like FEED. In my two years at Target I have been able to document our day-to-day process and show how our print team hand paints patterns that wind up on pillows, how the trend and vignettes we design manifest into product and our Friday craft days that could be anything from vegetable printings to collaging.

By having all these photos on hand, my team is able to quickly pull together images that tell a story. The most recent case is when the Target VP of Product Design and Development needed images for her feature in Better Homes and Gardens. A folder of images were supplied and wound up in this article. Can you spot me in the first photo?

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Target Trend Team in Better Homes and Gardens