Ladies and gentlemen... let me introduce you to my favorite place in the entire world... The Cabin.

This year we've decided to open the cabin up to renters for weekends or weeks at a time. Friends and co-workers know how crazy I am about the Müs Hüs. It's the only place where I'm able to relax, explore, reflect and spend quality time with family. The days seem to stretch out because there is always so much to do. You can stargaze into the night and wake up the next morning greeted by deer (Ethel and Marge) at the salt lick. The lake is spring fed, so although it can get cold during the late spring months, it's crystal clear. Very few boats are ever on the water and you can always spot a loon.

It is the absolute perfect spot for any vacation and 20 minutes West of Ely, Minnesota.


Rental Information