Dilip Roy

December was rough for the Roys this year. A man very dear to me passed away at the age of 96. His mind was still young but his body just couldn't keep up. Abhrajeet's grandpa had been living in the United States since before Abhrajeet and I started dating in 10th grade. Since the very beginning Dadu called me his Lakshmi, which is the Hindu goddess of prosperity. He lost two children, his daughter-in-law and his wife before he passed but always had a very positive outlook on life and said that he's still around because there must be something he needed to see.

I'm grateful for the weekends we were able to spend with him, the family holidays, our trip to India and the chance to celebrate at our wedding.

Lt. Col. Dilip Kumar Roy March 10, 1916 - December 1, 2012

Dancing photo by Kitty Maer