Indian Spice Meets Minnesota Nice

Last weekend we celebrated our first wedding anniversary and shared a lot of laughs remembering the 7-party celebration. Some of our favorites: Painting the pine cones at the cabin, learning to tie a saree with the Yung family, pie tasting, Joe sitting on a sleeping RJ, family and friends in town from all over the world, Indian family and friends getting my family dressed for the second ceremony, dancing to Thriller for the Dad-Daughter dance with the whole wedding party, the priest dancing to 'What is Love' to tie back in with his homily, an extremely packed dance floor, Abhrajeet's Grandpa singing to everyone at 2am and delicious Indian food on Sunday. It's good to be married!

Invitations and Event Design: Kayd Roy Pinecones: Mary, Larry, Rose and Marv Church Decoration: Larry Mustonen + St. John Neumann Decorating Committee Photography: Olivia Wagner and Animesh Ray Florist: Henry Girls Floral Hair: Lauren Douglas Garlands: Ranjana Chakravarty Wedding Party Sarees and Kurtas: shopping by Kakima Jewelry and Bride Saree: passed down from Abhrajeet's Mom, Kakoli Musicians: Austin and Seth Lynch