Love Crate

When a client uses phrases like "off the hook" and "word" in emails you know that it's going to develop into a friendship. Shayla and I worked together to create a brand story for Love Crate that would work both online and when printed.  Her passion for natural products oozes out of her and her excitement for helping people make nurturing choices in self-care is unbeatable. Every product in the Love Crate shop is chosen carefully and lovingly (I slightly freak out when I get shipped something new and try it for the first time.  ahem... bamboo face wipes you are my lifesaver.)

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Product photography by Sarah Hrudka, Jill Olson and Bethany Meister

Love Crate Branding - Kayd Roy
Love Crate Website - Kayd Roy
Love Crate 30 percent off