On Thursday I went to Stout and chatted with the seniors about their final graphic design project. I left exhausted, inspired and missing Menomonie. Each semester, before graduation, students create a fictitious business or service and design everything needed in order for that business to function. At the end of the semester Stout has a Senior Show night for Graphic Designers, Industrial Designers, Fine Artists and Interior Designers to show their work to professions, family and friends. Here's my senior project and the website of past senior shows:  Spring 2010, Spring 2011, Spring 21012Fall 2012


Kayd Roy - Stout Trip

Kayd Roy - Stout Trip

Kayd Roy - Stout Trip

My advice (if you didn't hear enough of it yesterday): STAY PASSIONATE ABOUT YOUR PROJECT If you're getting burnt out take a break and go somewhere different. Let your mind relax and the ideas will find you! Look for new ways to look at your project and talk to family and friends to get their perspective.

BRAND IT OUT Make sure all your pieces look cohesive but also have a thought behind them. Your magazine ad should have a different design concept than your welcome brochure because they are meant for two different applications. The more collateral you have the better! Think about what head quarters looks like, what products are in swag bags, is there merchandise sold, how does a user feature your product on instagram?

MAKE FRIENDS! Your senior project group will hopefully be people you talk to for the rest of your life. If you aren't friends already BECOME friends. There is so much talent out there from MCAD, CVA, AI, and the U of M all looking for the same jobs that Stouties need to stick together and help one another make it in the design world. I can be your friend.

START PUTTING YOUR PORTFOLIO TOGETHER Now. Start scheduling informational interviews and figuring out what type of place and what type of work you'd like to be doing. Summer internships will be posted soon if they already haven't been. Make sure you include a lot of process work because you will be getting hired not only for your design skills but also how you think and find solutions.

I know you will rock it out and can't wait to see the final show!