Organize Your Pins - Kayd Roy I'll admit that when I first joined Pinterest I had no idea what I was doing and went a little overboard. Don't think that's a problem? Well it definitely is, especially if you want to be taken seriously with an artistic eye. My pins were scattered and there was no cohesion or thought behind most images. Here is my advice:

ORGANIZE YOUR BOARDS Telling a cohesive story with your boards will keep you sane, organized and other viewers will take more interest in following. You could develop boards by theme (Sledding Party, Friendsgiving, First Birthday, Christmas). You could develop boards by colors or color stories. I like to organize my boards by creating an imaginary home. When you enter someone's house it has a particular style that is an extension of the people living there. Each of my home boards has a particular style that stretches from fashion and food to home decor and art. I still have overall "food" and "design" boards to stay inspired by and as my go-to when beginning new projects.

RENAME BOARDS Now that you have a plan of attack for your boards rename your boards and choose a fitting cover image. This will give your overall profile space more clarification.

DELETE UNINSPIRING PINS Most people have 10,000+ pins but have forgotten what they pinned months, even weeks ago. Go back and ask yourself: Are they still relevant? Why did I pin it? Am I ever going to ever use it? You'll find that sometimes (for whatever the reason) you pinned some uninspiring, even awful, things. I've deleted entire boards before because there was no relevance. Sure you might lose followers and your pin count will go down, but at least you'll be more inspiring and cohesive.

ADD A DESCRIPTION One of my biggest pet peeves is non-credited images. Pins that just have a space or a period in them. I think that one of the more rewarding parts of finding a great pin is looking which blog/stylist/artist/store it originally came from. Chances are if you like that pin you'll like many of the other images. Each day I add at least 10 new feeds to my blog list. If you cannot find the sources (tumblr, to tumblr, to foreign site, to tumblr) at least put a description of the images.


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