For those looking to grow their business and need some serious brand therapy. 



Have a passion you want to turn into a business or an idea that you can't believe isn't a business yet? Let's walk through your business goals, define your market, put a structure in place and start (or add to your) to-do list. You can pick my brain about past experiences and I can help you brainstorm where to take your business next.


AVAILABLE FOR: Small, start-up businesses with less than 5 employees. 

If you sign onto a creative package after our consultation, the $500 will be applied to your design package. 


Ready to rule the world!


Whether you are currently freelancing or hoping to jump on the freelance train we'll walk through what is needed to start and grow your business. You'll get a list of resources (programs & people) that I swear by. We'll walk through your creative and financial goals, your process and communication schedule and set a path to follow.


Available for: 1.5 Hour jam sesh for designers, photographers, artists


Get my Sh*t Together


Looking for a portfolio review, what type of job to look for or just want to know what my experience has been like? Let's grab coffee and chat! I'm an open book and will try to connect you with businesses or designers that I think might be a good fit for your skill set. 


Graphic design students who are currently in school or graduated in the past 6 months and have a portfolio to show.


Zilch. Zero. Nadda. I only ask that when a student asks for your advice or a portfolio review that you pay it forward.