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making big
ideas happen.

With a background in graphic design and trend forecasting, I create thoughtful experiences for innovative businesses. I choose people I like to work with, then work hard — it’s kind of my thing.  


Kayd (rhymes with made)

all-in, underestimated, jazzed.

Social Content - by Kayd Roy
Cocktail Photoshoot - art directed by Kayd Roy

Jazzed is my favorite adjective.

When you work with me, you get all of me. And I give you everything I’ve got. Ev-er-ry-thing. And as my business has grown, so have I.

I've thought about renaming my business to separate it from my name. But then I realized, I am my business. Jay-Z said it best, “I’m not a businessman. I’m a business, man.” Now I’m not going to say I'm the Jay-Z of the creative world … but if you wanted to call me that, I wouldn’t hate it. Actually, yes, let’s start spreading that around.

Kayd has a crazy keen combination of design + strategy and knows the difference between “oh this is cute” to “wow, this will really drive our business”. Go getter, trend setter, business driver. An incredible partner.
— Kristin Shane, owner of fly feet running

Some of my favorite projects