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Creating thoughtful experiences.

With a background in design and trend forecasting, I can make big ideas happen. I choose people I like to work with, then work hard — it’s kind of my thing.  


Kayd (rhymes with made)

all-in, underestimated, jazzed.

Social Content - by Kayd Roy
Cocktail Photoshoot - art directed by Kayd Roy

Jazzed is my favorite adjective.

When you work with me, you get all of me. And I give you everything I’ve got. Ev-er-ry-thing. And as my business has grown, so have I.

I've thought about renaming my business to separate it from my name. But then I realized, I am my business. Jay-Z said it best, “I’m not a businessman. I’m a business, man.” Now I’m not going to say I'm the Jay-Z of the creative world … but if you wanted to call me that, I wouldn’t hate it. Actually, yes, let’s start spreading that around.

Kayd has a crazy keen combination of design + strategy and knows the difference between “oh this is cute” to “wow, this will really drive our business”. Go getter, trend setter, business driver. An incredible partner.
— Kristin Shane, owner of fly feet running

currently working with:

Fitness studio in Minneapolis to grow their brand and oversee marketing.

Powerhouse event design team to provide design support.

Nonprofit fixing hearts to drive contributions and event attendance.

Third generation home builder for design support.

Hard Cider company in the PNW to design packaging.

On-The-Go Tanning to launch their business.

Transforming mundane products with a designed cover.

Floral Subscription gal to energize the collateral.

Neighborhood coffee shop in St. Paul to create their brand.

Kiddo-creation apparel line to launch their business.

Stationery development and sourcing company to refine design.

Husband and Wife boutique remodeler team for a rebrand.

A new take on scheduling to create branding.

Virtual aid for small business security for design support.

Creative studio in Minneapolis to manage projects.



here's how I can help:

Need help executing an idea? I can assist with branding, packaging and marketing materials. 

New Business
Launching a new business? I want to understand all aspects of your business to create the right design and marketing part for your company. Consider me as part of your team as you work through the pre-launch, launch and post-launch kinks.

Don't know what you need help with or need help with a variety of things? Monthly retainers are a great way for me to stay connected to your business to help it grow. You can use me for graphic design, business growth, social consulting, marketing management and brainstorming.