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With a background in design and trend forecasting,
I can make big ideas happen.

Below is a snippet of my past experience.
You may notice that a lot of the dates overlap, those are not typos.



Kayd Roy LLC, Owner
Sept 2010 - current

Business Strategy, Photo Art Direction, Graphic Design, Social Media Management, Web Design + Development
client list: Fly Feet Running, Prehype, The Stable, Creative Resources, Land O’Lakes, Jack Links, Garven, Noteworthy, Galleria, Lorissa’s Kitchen, SW Basics, Select Sales, Minny & Paul, Primp Boutique, Galleria, Target.

Target, Trend Forecaster
September 2018 - Current

Create seasonally relevant trend concepts for the beauty, essentials and electronic teams.


Fly Feet Running, Design director
July 2017 - current

Marketing Strategy, Graphic Design, Social and Digital Management, Experience Design
client since May 2016



December 2015 - November 2016

Business Strategy, Photo Art Direction, Graphic Design, Web Design + Development, Social Media Management
client list: Lifetime Fitness, Sundance, City Girl Coffee, Fly Feet Running


STYLE-ARCHITECTS, Director of Design
SEPTember 2010 - NOVember 2015

Graphic Design, Web Design + Development, Social Media Management, Photography
client list: Red Stamp, Galleria, Artful Living, JL Buchanan, Pumpz, Rustica Bakery, Primp Boutique


TARGET, Photo Art Director for Packaging Team
NOVember 2013 - MAY 2015

Brand Development, Photo Art Direction, Design
brand list: Spritz, Xhilaration, Circo, Hand Made Modern


TARGET, Trend Forecaster
September 2011 - October 2013

Trend Forecasting, Product Direction, Product Design, Brand Development
brand list: Threshold, Room Essentials, Oh Joy, Wit & Delight, Neiman Marcus, Justice League, FEED USA


CATCHFIRE, Graphic Designer
SEPT 2010 - AUG 2011

Graphic Design, Web Design, Social Management
client list: 3M, Nature Valley, Magnet Street, ChiroCare


GARTNER STUDIOS, Graphic Designer
February 2008 - APRIL 2009

Graphic Design, Product Design
brand list: Mara-Mi, Pulp Fashion, Brides