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With a background in design and trend forecasting,
I can make big ideas happen.

Below is a snippet of my past experience.
You may notice that a lot of the dates overlap, those are not typos.



Kayd Roy LLC, Owner
Sept 2010 - current

Business Strategy, Marketing Execution, Photo Art Direction, Graphic Design, Social Media Management
client list: Fly Feet Running, Prehype, The Stable, Creative Resources, Land O’Lakes, Medtronic, Galleria, SW Basics.

The Catalyst Circle, Co-owner
February 2019 - current

Creating and navigating a successful career is hard. There is no field guide, no how-to, no rules of the road. It’s on all us to figure it out. Finding mentors who can help and have been there and done that isn’t always easy. But, they’re out there and they want to help. We’re creating a forum to bring these rock stars to the people. Listening to and gaining exposure to accomplished executives and innovative entrepreneurs who have navigated issues, problems, and obstacles that we all go through is a game changer.

The Catalyst Circle gives you a peek behind the curtain for how successful people have gotten to where they are. We pack our events with inspiration and action, but more importantly real talk, no b.s. and just the frank rules of the road for how people have navigated their lives. You’ll walk away inspired and ready to level up where you’re going.

Target, Trend Forecaster & Strategist
September 2018 - Current

Create seasonally relevant trend concepts for the beauty, essentials and electronic teams.


Fly Feet Running, Design director
July 2017 - current

Marketing Strategy, Graphic Design, Social and Digital Management, Experience Design
client since May 2016



December 2015 - November 2016

Business Strategy, Photo Art Direction, Graphic Design, Web Design + Development, Social Media Management
client list: Lifetime Fitness, Sundance, City Girl Coffee, Fly Feet Running


STYLE-ARCHITECTS, Director of Design
SEPTember 2010 - NOVember 2015

Graphic Design, Web Design + Development, Social Media Management, Photography
client list: Red Stamp, Galleria, Artful Living, JL Buchanan, Pumpz, Rustica Bakery, Primp Boutique


TARGET, Photo Art Director for Packaging Team
NOVember 2013 - MAY 2015

Brand Development, Photo Art Direction, Design
brand list: Spritz, Xhilaration, Circo, Hand Made Modern


TARGET, Trend Forecaster
September 2011 - October 2013

Trend Forecasting, Product Direction, Product Design, Brand Development
brand list: Threshold, Room Essentials, Oh Joy, Wit & Delight, Neiman Marcus, Justice League, FEED USA


CATCHFIRE, Graphic Designer
SEPT 2010 - AUG 2011

Graphic Design, Web Design, Social Management
client list: 3M, Nature Valley, Magnet Street, ChiroCare


GARTNER STUDIOS, Graphic Designer
February 2008 - APRIL 2009

Graphic Design, Product Design
brand list: Mara-Mi, Pulp Fashion, Brides